21/12 2015
ViewHelper reference backend module

The "schemaker" extension has been fitted with a backend module to render ViewHelper references.

Dear developers

Schemaker version 3.2 has just been released. Most notable of new features is the ability to enable a backend module which displays ViewHelper references. It is different from the official ViewHelper documentation on this site, in the following ways: 

  1. It works on-the-fly, not requiring an .xsd schema file as a middle step. In other words: it calls prepareArguments on each ViewHelper class to determine arguments.
  2. It only works for the exact version of Fluid and extensions installed on the site (you cannot check historical arguments for ViewHelpers).
  3. It renders references for Fluid itself, as well as any third-party extension containing ViewHelpers (such as VHS, News, your own...)

Note that when you use render() method arguments for ViewHelpers the reflection gets cached as system cache content - which means that if you use those and change arguments, you will need access to clearing the system cache for the reference to become updated (and not break). You are probably quite used to that by now, if you use those arguments that way - since not clearing the cache also prevents the ViewHelper from working in the frontend. On a side note, we recommend always and exclusively using initializeArguments() and registerArgument() or overrideArgument() as applies since this avoids reflection and reflection caching.

You can get the Schemaker extension on TER or via composer now. To activate the module, edit the extension settings and enable the backend module. To find the references, use the little "?" icon in the top bar (which also contains all other documentation-related modules).

Screen shots and further technical details: 


May increased productivity be with you,
The FluidTYPO3 team