02/08 2014
Flux 7.1 status update

The coming minor update to Flux is almost ready but still has some pending issues to be fixed. You can help!

We are currently working to complete the next stable release of Flux - which will be version 7.1. It will, as is almost tradition by now, be accompanied by releases of both fluidcontent and fluidpages. Simultaneously, but not being a dependency, we are almost ready to release VHS 2.0 and fluidcontent_core 1.0. But we need your help identifying and fixing remaining issues in these important areas:

Workspaces support

Flux 7.1 will feature workspaces support but is still affected by a few issues which prevent usage of workspaces along with Flux in a production context. You can view the current status of this feature support at 



Translation and record update handling

We have ironed out most of the bugs related to record update handling - in the context of localisation, record moving/copying and handling of relations associated with records. A number of dependency TYPO3 core bugs have been fixed recently and we await version 6.2.5 which should contain these fixes - so when this version is released, or if you use the git master of TYPO3, please test and give any input you may have for issues listed at 



FluidcontentCore - CSS Styled Content replacement

Strangely enough, although a replacement for css_styled_content is often requested, we have had very little input on our call to obtain input in the configuration and templates we intend to ship with this extension on first release. The risk we run by releasing such an extension without proper input about regularly encountered use cases, is that we will have to introduce breaking changes in the next iteration - and we would very much like to avoid that. So give the extension a spin and report your wishes at 


. Note: it's a very specific type of feedback we are looking for, as the issue describes.

Please consider spending an hour or two of your precious time to help us not only improve Flux and the other extensions, but also to help us release Flux 7.1 and the much awaited FluidcontentCore sooner. If possible, please assist with patches - but more importantly: please report issues/wishes and test the code on your own setups.

The FluidTYPO3 Team