03/03 2015
Provider Extension Generator

A small online utility to generate new provider extensions for FluidTYPO3.

Dear developers

We previously had a small utility online which would generate new provider extensions based on the latest standards - this utility has been unavailable for a long time and was hidden away in the bottom of the documentation. This article will give it a more prominent advertisement.

You can generate a new provider extension (as a zip file) by simply calling a URL:


Where you of course replace the "myextensionkey" part with the extension key you desire. The "builder" extension will then generate the extension files and compress them as a zip that gets downloaded.

You can use this service from Curl as well as wget:

curl -LO https://fluidtypo3.org/generate/providerextension/myextensionkey.zip
# or

wget fluidtypo3.org/generate/providerextension/myextensionkey.zip

Should you need to generate provider extensions that use the latest development standards you can still install and use the "builder" extension locally - simply check out the development branch.

Happy coding,
The FluidTYPO3 Team