14/10 2012
FED, Flux, Fluid Content and Fluid Widgets updated

FED 4.7.7, Flux 4.7.4, Fluid Content 1.3.3 and Fluid Widgets 1.0 have been released today. Introducing a few new tricks.

Dear developers,

Four extensions have been updated on TER today. Here is a short description of the changes, starting from Flux and moving out:

Flux 4.7.4

A handful of bugfixes have been made in the integration approach, which means that Flux is now friendlier towards other extensions that want to use FlexForms but don't want to trigger Flux. Interactions such as copying of elements have been improved.

A new ViewHelper has been added which can create a Switchable Controller Actions field in your Flux FlexForm, useful if you use Flux FlexForms with your own plugins. This ViewHelper allows you to manipulate the items being listed in a much more flexible way than in traditional FlexForms. Full reference can be found here: 


A full change log can be found here: 


FED 4.7.6

Primarily a bugfix and library update release. Most important bugfixes are in the Data/SortViewHelper and in the integration approach to avoid some warnings etc.

Also added is a Lorem Ipsum ViewHelper (yes, you read it right). It can be programmed to use any Lorem Ipsum text as a source and you can manipulate the output paragraph count as well as the word count in each paragraph - with an option to randomize with an also configurable skew value. Full reference can be found here: 


The MultiUpload ViewHelper has received some updates and the plUpload library has been updated as well - all thanks to Anders Gissel.

A full change log can be found here: 


Fluid Widgets 1.0

This extension may be new to you. It contains a collection of Widgets to use in Fluid templates. Currently there are only a few Widgets, but the intention is to port all Widgets which can function as standalones from FED into Fluid Widgets. The Fluid Widgets extension will work without having FED installed.

Fluid Widgets currently contained are:

File Passthrough Download to let you download files without disclosing their real location and without the user being able to affect the URI being used internally. This Widget has planned additions which will let you further control the download process by throttling etc.

Request Dispatcher which can dispatch subrequests which are handled by Extbase in three "flavors"; as an isolated request in a new context, an isolated request with a copy of the current context or an inline request which re-uses the current context completely transparently. For example, this Widget can render any action that is allowed by an Extbase plugin, such as (just as an example) the EXT:news "index" action.

Ajax Flux Content Loader which could be quite interesting. This Widget allows child content from a Flux content element to be rendered - through AJAX. This means you can delay content rendering and "hide" it from robots. Of course this puts some requirements on the type of content being loaded - for one, if the content requires CSS which is, for example, included through an Extbase controller or using <fed:style>, you must manually include the styles necessary to render those elements correctly.

Update: documentation for the Fluid Widget ViewHelpers has been added: 


Fluid Content 1.3.3

Very few updates have been made here. The most important one is a new container element (like Columns, but with one column only) which uses AJAX to load all the child content, preventing it from being rendered in the main request. This can be quire useful if you have plugins which return visually simple but processing-heavy tables from an Extbase repository - place that plugin in a delayed loading container and you can offload the main page rendering process.

And that's about it.

One more thing, which you probably already have heard, guessed or deduced: I'm on Github now and will continue all of my work there. You can follow me or just check in now and then here: 


. Bugs still go in the TYPO3 Forge bug trackers for each extension.

Until next time,