08/01 2013
(Almost) Everything updated

Seemed quicker than writing: flux, vhs, fluidcontent, fluidpages, fluidcontent_bootstrap, fluidpages_bootstrap, dialog, notify, schemaker and view - and the fedext.net web site - have all been updated.

Dear developers,

Good morning! And enjoy a nice list of updates for almost the whole extension family. There are too many things to include in one news item so instead, here is information about where to find the documentation you need:

  • The extensions overview page contains links to Github as well as TER.
  • Github contains a more detailed README-style documentation for each extension.
  • The most recent feature documentation can be found on Github in a short form with basic examples. Some examples on this web site have not yet been updated and for example still use FED ViewHelpers even though VHS is recommended as replacement.
  • ViewHelper references for the extensions which carry ViewHelpers are automatically updated on this site.
  • TER contains a short-form changelog for each extension.
  • Github commit history for each extension contains the full details down to the last line of code changed.

Hope you enjoy the extensions!


PS: Oh yeah. The web site design has been updated a bit ;) some sections are still unavailable - others still need to be adapted. If you wish, you can download the design package from the old site as extension key fedsite.