11/12 2011
1.4.4 and a little Christmas present

FED 1.4.4 has been released. And as a little Christmas present for the Extbase/Fluid community, the FED web site resource package has been released to the public. Also - Fluid and Extbase documentation integrated on the web site.

It was about time. Version 1.4.4 is out and FED has been - once again - marked stable. The Fluid features, ViewHelpers and Services are now in such a state that I no longer have serious reservations about raising the extension state.

Version 1.4.4 contains a lot of new ViewHelpers and a refactoring to a (well, at least for the foreseeable future) permanent Service structure.

You may have noticed already: a lot of additional documentation has been added to the web site over the weekend (and a lot of coding has been done). The result is integrated documentation for the most important Extbase and Fluid classes: The Controller, Query, View, ViewHelper and Persistence aspects. Fluid's ViewHelpers receive a dedicated section alongside FED's ViewHelpers.

The web site will now function as a quick reference to use when developing Extbase and Fluid in general - not just for the FED users anymore.

And there's a Christmas present for everybody - you can now download the entire resource package used to render this web site. With all the bones included. One feature worth noting is the class reflection insight plugin: you can use it to render class documentation for your own Extbase classes and Fluid ViewHelpers.