22/10 2012
Flux 4.7.5 and FED 4.7.7

Bugfixes, two small additions and one UI change

Dear developers,

Flux 4.7.5 and FED 4.7.7 have hit TER. Although they are both mostly bugfix releases, there is one important change that you should be aware of.

Page Template selection and Page Options moved to "Appearance" tab

Quite simply the fields for FED's page implementation have been moved to the appearance tab (as part of a bugfix to get closer to standards). The same fields are there, just alongside other appearance-related fields.

If you are not a fan of this particular change you can restore the old behaviour from any extension's (i.e. your content element / page template provider extension) ext_tables.php file. Just add these lines:

$before = '--div--;Page Template,tx_fed_page_controller_action,tx_fed_page_controller_action_sub,tx_fed_page_flexform,--div--;LLL:EXT:cms/locallang_tca.xml:pages.tabs.options$remove = 'tx_fed_page_controller_action,tx_fed_page_controller_action_sub,tx_fed_page_flexform,';
$GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['types'][1]['showitem'] = $before . str_replace($remove, '', $GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['types'][1]['showitem']);
$GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['types'][4]['showitem'] = $before . str_replace($remove, '', $GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['types'][4]['showitem']);
unset($before, $remove);

This will reposition the fields into the old position, completely restoring the old behavior.

In addition to this change there are two new additions to notify about:

Argument "sortFlags" for Data/SortViewHelper

This addition lets you influence the way sorting is performed in the same way as SORT_FLAGS would do in functions like sort() or krsort(). The value must be the UPPERCASE_UNDERSCORED name of the constant you want to use (fx SORT_REGULAR, SORT_NUMERIC or SORT_NATURAL). Makes particular sense when used with numeric sorting that might not be sorted correctly using default SORT_REGULAR.

Argument "contentUids" for Page/RenderContentViewHelper

This new argument lets you provide an explicit list of content elements to be rendered. The argument is an array and can be used like {0: 123} to render content element with UID 123. This argument was added to allow a very particular usage: letting extension developers create record types which have inline relations to tt_content and need to render these elements when the object related to this record is being rendered in Fluid. I recently used this in a project to use full content elements as help texts - which would allow an editor to replace a traditional piece of help text with, just for example, a video from youtube. Since TYPO3 internals are used to do the rendering itself these specially rendered content elements would also use any stdWrap you apply, respect group access, start/stop-times and every other content setting.

Then the bugfixes

Some users have reported problems with the ConfigurationProvider logic - these problems were hindering functionality in custom ConfigurationProviders and the FED Page feature (which uses a custom ConfigurationProvider). Those of you who have had problems with 4.7.6 should see all of these problems fixed when installing this version.