06/02 2012
Git master notice

The FED Git master repository is about change in a way that will affect your templates - be careful when you pull your next update.

Important advance notice about changes coming to the Git master.

In a few days a change will be committed which will introduce a new state in the Git master where your templates will have to be updated to function (the built-in FED templates have all been adjusted) but unfortunately the migration script is not yet finished.

What this means for you is that when you pull an update from Git in about two days you should be prepared to update all your FCE and Page templates. The instructions you need for this upgrade will be released at the same time as the Git change.

After the upgrade you will be prepared for the 1.4.11 TER release with no further need of upgrading. If you want to stay ahead of the coming TER change you can use the Git master once updated to make your changes so you have new, compatible templates ready to go once they are required.

But in order to prevent problems: please do not pull updates from the Git master unless you are ready to upgrade your templates right away.