11/03 2014
New colPos value

Flux's old negative colPos value of -42 has been changed to 18181. Update script included.

Dear developer,

Tonight the development branch of Flux was updated to use a new colPos value as described above. This was done in order to prevent a very likely bad surprise when updating to TYPO3 6.2: the new install tool update wizard will present an option to indiscriminately update the DB schema, changing the existing negative values to zeros across the board. To prevent this, an update script (called from the extension manager) has been provided which will convert your existing values to the new value. You can of course also simply perform the SQL query to UPDATE/WHERE all records in a single query.

The short and simple:

If you are on the development branch of Flux, then next time you pull make sure to run the extension manager Flux update script before doing anything else. Until the script is run no nested content elements will work correctly.

The team