27/03 2014
Flux 7.0 released

The new main version of Flux is ready for download - top tuned for TYPO3 6.2 LTS and better than ever.

Dear developers,

Before we get into the details there are two things which must be said:

A thousand thanks to the TYPO6 6.2 team

We on the FluidTYPO3 team thank you with all our hearts, for making the best version of TYPO3 CMS yet. The issues you fixed, the performance you increased and the interface you updated - all of it has helped make Fluid Powered TYPO3 an even better experience.

Thanks to all users for their enourmous patience

It took almost six additional months on top of the originally planned release of TYPO3 6.2 and since we've been timing our release with this other release, we have been in a sort of "release limbo" for six months. This will all change now, and you can expect future updates to happen in a much (much, much) shorter cycle where bugfixes and smaller adjustments will reach TER much quicker. Those of you who were using our development branches to stay ahead of the curve can now switch to TER versions and rest a bit more easy.

It feels pretty damn good to be able to say that not only do we have an awesome team - the team we rely on is equally awesome, as are our users. We'll repay this with more perseverance ;)

Release details

Flux 7.0 is a major release which means that when you upgrade, you should expect to have to perform some migration. While we did provide Extension Manager upgrade scripts to fix your records, we did not provide a script to fix your files since this kind of operation should always be reserved for a proper developer who can control exactly which files to migrate.

The upgrade process

To upgrade an existing site which used Flux 6.x-compatible extensions, the first thing you must do is execute the extension manager upgrade script for flux and fluidcontent in order to adjust your database records. Do this as early as possible!

Your templates will most likely also require updates. We have prepared a <link internal-link internal link in current>list of vital changes in ViewHelpers along with instructions and a conversion script created to migrate your templates for you. In the same documentation section you can find instructions if you are coming directly from FED to Flux 6.0 - if you are coming from FED directly, you of course should perform the steps in that guide before you perform the following steps. Don't worry - the FED-to-Flux part is as easy as the Flux-6-to-Flux-7 part.

The most important changes

If you use Flux only at a template level you will not notice much difference except for the new Fluid namespace and the ViewHelpers we renamed (as explained in the migration chapter link above). Everything else is still the same regarding the templates themselves.

For those developers who use the PHP aspect of Flux - the Controllers, Providers, Form components etc. - a bigger difference is noticeable. In order of importance, these are:


  1. We have switched to using namespaces. Our vendor name is FluidTYPO3 and Flux, for example, uses the FluidTYPO3\Flux namespace. Fairly simple.*
  2. We have simplified the Provider abstract classes and interfaces. In general terms, what we did was remove the "Configuration" part of the wording - e.g. ConfigurationProviderInterface became ProviderInterface. And we've removed the specialised classes for Plugin, Content Providers and merged them into one*.
  3. We have changed the way ViewHelpers work. Before, ViewHelper instances would be stored and later read to retrieve the field configuration - now, ViewHelpers create instances of so-called Form Component objects which reside in FluidTYPO3\Flux\Form. If you have created a custom ViewHelper which generates a special field type, there are two ways to migrate (but first, glance over the classes that we added in the Form namespace):
    1. You can use the Form Component objects which we provide and check out any Flux field ViewHelper to see how such an object is created and inserted in a Form.
    2. You can create your own custom Form Component with an associated ViewHelper class. This one is for those hard-to-reach places or when you simply require so much customisation that your templates grow too complex.

* We added class alias maps which should allow all implementations to continue functioning even using the old class names - but there is a bug in Fluid itself which is fixed in 6.2 and scheduled for release also in 6.1.8, but which currently will have a tendency to report unexpected "class not found" errors when a Fluid template uses the old Flux namespace. If you see this error, make sure you have TYPO3 at 6.2+ or 6.1.8+.

This list is of course not 100% complete - other changes were made, but on a much more basic (and internal-API-) level.

As always: if you experience bugs with this new release, we welcome your bug reports on Github - Flux's bug tracker is <link https: github.com fluidtypo3 flux>github.com/FluidTYPO3/flux/issues and we very much appreciate if you check the currently open issues before reporting yours ;)

Fluidcontent and Fluidpages

New main versions of both Fluidcontent and Fluidpages have also been released. Although not much has changed functionally, both of these extensions are now updated to work perfectly with Flux 7.0. When you update, make sure you also update these (and run the upgrade script for fluidcontent!).

Other extensions - ours and third parties

By now, quite a few extensions depend on Flux. In the coming week(s) you should see releases of those extensions that we provide, but for third-party extensions which exhibit errors, you should contact the author of those extensions. It is our hope (or rather, expectation) that the very long period of preparation for TYPO3 6.2 has allowed all authors to update their extensions - but you may still run into problems. In this case: if you yourself are the author, we would very much like to help you bring your extension up-to-date. If you are not the author but you contact the author, please give him or her our invitation to join us and get help with updating the code. In any case we would of course like to know about the problem, so if you do run into one - drop a line on <link internal-link internal link in current>our support chat. We log your report and whichever comments we might have about it, which makes great info for other users later.

New features

Sorry, you'll have to wait to hear about those.

The new features we have added are currently being documented - once this is complete (or at least, readable) we will release this documentation and write a few small introductions to each.

That's all folks

Hopefully the above information is exactly what you need in order to perform a safe upgrade and either fix or find ways to fix any issues you run into. Should you still have questions for which you cannot find the answers, we are ready help you through the support chat.

Cheers and happy Flux-ing,
The FluidTYPO3 Team

Download: <link http: typo3.org extensions repository view flux>Flux 7.0 on TER



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