14/01 2013
Flux 5.1.0, Fluid Content 2.2.0

A few new features added to both of these extensions - one major UX improvement for Flux-enabled container elements on TYPO3 6.0. Enjoy!

Hi everyone,

Today marks the release of two new sub versions of Flux and Fluid Content:

Flux 5.1.0

Flux has received two new features: the option to add a new method, clearCacheCommand(), to ConfigurationProviders. The method is executed whenever caches are cleared. And on TYPO3 6.0 when you edit page content in the page module you will see a new "collapse" icon in the top right corner of any element which uses Flux to support nested child elements. Clicking the "collapse" icon collapses the entire Grid inside the content element, greatly improving usability when drag-and-dropping huge container elements. Version 5.1.0 also fixes an issue with drag-and-drop on 6.0, correcting a flaw which prevented elements from being dropped after other elements inside the same parent element.

Fluid Content 2.2.0

Fluid Content has received a major improvement in the detection and processing of registered template files. The FlexForm Service from Flux is now used when fetching each element's configuration from the template file. This means that:

  • Fluid Content now respects Flux's "debug mode" setting in one additional context, further improving stability and error resilience.
  • Template files may now begin to use inline ViewHelpers in the flux:flexform tag attributes - something which previously would remain unparsed. The flux:flexform tag itself may now also be broken up into multiple lines, which helps with limiting the line length in elements which uses - for example - many LLL references for label, description, icon etc.

In addition an old feature previously in FED but missing in Fluid Content until now has been restored: when caches are cleared, the new Flux ConfigurationProvider clearCacheCommand() method is used to remove the cached PageTSConfig file. Also fixed are a few smaller issues such as incorrect placement of FCEs in the new content wizard when no wizardTab was specified.

A big thank you to all the people who contributed bug fixes and improvements for this round of updates!


Heads up! On TYPO3 6.0 you may need to manually remove all files from the typo3temp directory or you may see fatal PHP warnings in the backend!