04/11 2013
ViewHelper Docs Updated

An improved display of ViewHelper references has been launched - among other things, includes ability to switch which version to view and an inline display of revision history.

Dear friends of FluidTYPO3,

Today a new version of the ViewHelper reference pages has been launched. Most importantly this new version now enables you to select the (TER) version to display as well as the current Git master - which is now updated on-the-fly whenever a commit is made on Github. Combined with an xsd:schemaLocation this on-the-fly updating should be particularly handy.

You can of course also download the XSD schema files for each version. And for those of you who prefer a raw directory listing, you can find each schema file listed for download at



There is only one thing to be aware of when using the new XSD files: our namespace urls have been adjusted to use typo3.org/ns/$extensionKey - depending on how you use the XSD files you may need to adjust this namespace URL in your template or IDE's namespace-to-schema mapping configuration.

A choice was also made to limit the number of extensions being documented to leave only those that can be updated completely automatically - and Fluid itself. To document other extensions you can - like always - download and install the "schemaker" extension (and in extension configuration enable frontend rendering of schemas, or build XSDs using the CLI command it provides).

Last, but not least, an effort is underway to greatly improve the ViewHelper documentation. And the great thing is: as soon as each piece of documentation gets merged, it gets displayed right here on fedext.net.

Code on,