08/08 2012
FED and Flux 4.7.3 released

Bugfixes, performance improvements on 4.6+ and a new option.

Dear developers,

FED and Flux have been updated, fixing a few bugs and avoiding some deprecated methods on 4.6 and up, which will give you a faster experience especially in BE. The code base has been cleaned a bit - mostly in code comments. Internal use of classes marked as deprecated has been cleaned up.

Other than this there is a new option added in extension configuration for FED: Fluid Page variable inheritance. Enabling this causes FED to update child pages whenever a parent page is updated and child pages are either asked to inherit the page template or has selected the same page template as the parent - and finally, share the exact same configuration options.

Note that the comparison on forms is done in a way that it makes little sense to activate this on already configured sites unless you have made very sure to keep identical settings on all pages - the power comes in if you have a site that you will build from scratch and enable this right from the start so that all pages are continually updated. Also note that if you change templates and the templates do not share configuration, inheritance might break - unless of course all child pages are configured to inherit the page template from the parent.

Slightly complicated explanation I know - you may want to experiment with this feature and remember to keep frequent backups since many more pages can now be affected by any mistakes that may be made while developing the templates. In this way it is slightly different from on-the-fly inheritance of values which unfortunately was not possible at this time, but could perhaps at some point be achieved through adding a hook in the TYPO3 core - naturally I'll keep on trying to improve this inheritance feature but will stick to the current behavior: respecting the selected template and enabling child pages to change the configuration along the root line similar to the way TypoScript does for example).

Be safe - consider this new option experimental.

As always: if you have questions or problems you are welcome to contact me.