22/09 2015
Flux 7.2.2 released

Many important bug fixes included, in particular regarding drag-and-drop and localisation support. And two new team members!

Dear developers

To start with the fastest announcement: the FluidTYPO3 project welcomes Juan Manuel Verges and Marc Neuhaus as team members! Both of these awesome people have been contributing to the project for a long time and have already proven how valuable they are many times - so please welcome them guys. Follow them on Twitter, GitHub or wherever - and if you also want to be part of all things FluidTYPO3 don't be afraid to come see us :)

Now onward to Flux 7.2.2 release notes

It's been a few months since the last release of Flux - we weren't completely sure if the next version was going to be 7.3 or 7.2.2; which one it would be, depended on whether or not any breaking changes were introduced. Although 7.2.2 contains a single change that could be regarded as breaking, we release it as a bugfix release - the break is considered an edge case that only triggers on a very specific type of setup: we've switched the default index of templateRootPaths and others to use 0 as default instead of 10. The change log explains more about this case. Any break caused by this change can be quickly fixed by updating the TypoScript that uses the old index. There are many ways, but one way is to use the < TypoScript assignment to copy your .10 index into the .0 index. The paths are processed into unique paths so this will result in a single path (and a tiny bit of overhead).

The other 98.5% of the commits in this release are bug fixes, primarily dealing with drag-and-drop support which was unfortunately broken in a recent TYPO3 6.2 release due to a change in one of the internal APIs that Flux depends on for identifying target columns. We've also implemented bug fixes for drag-and-drop support on TYPO3 7.4 - and even some fixes and added controls for the localisation behaviors to either fix or allow working around many of the reported problems. It wasn't an easy task but localisation and drag-and-drop support is now functioning equally well in both TYPO3 6.2 and 7.4.

Please note: this release does not fix all reported problems with drag-and-drop and localisation but it does fix a lot of them. We are expecting more contributed fixes and promise the next Flux bug fix release won't take as long to release as this one did.

You can read the complete Flux 7.2.2 change log to learn about all the things we and our contributors have fixed.


The FluidTYPO3 team would like to take this opportunity to thank the following agencies and people for their contributions:

  • SiteGeist in the person of Alexander Bohndorf who has and is still contributing important fixes for localisation and related features.
  • Frank Rakow for consistently contributing quality bug fixes and finding problems in the code.
  • Viktor Livakivskyi for being kind enough to still help out with one of the most tedious tasks we have: writing our change logs.
  • Juan Verges and Marc Neuhaus for joining the FluidTYPO3 team after a long, long time of contributing to the project.

Kind regards,
The FluidTYPO3 team