06/06 2014
Coming Soon: VHS 2.0

The next major version of VHS will be released shortly - now based completely on namespaces and ready for a Flow flavour.

Dear developers,

Today we merge the namespace migration work we have been doing, into the VHS development branch. If you use this branch please make sure you completely flush all cache and temporary files right after pulling the changes.

The namespace migration has introduced two important changes:


  1. The v:var namespace is now v:variable to avoid a reserved keyword "Var" in the namespace.
  2. The v:if namespace is now v:condition to avoid a reserved keyword "If" in the namespace.

In both of these cases aliases have been added to allow you to continue using your templates as they are. You should however familiarise yourself with this change and expect to use it in coming projects - and the changes will also be reflected in the online documentation when it is rebuilt, meaning you must look for the documentation on ViewHelpers in those two scopes under their new names.

Flow flavour

Because of the namespaces and fairly identical base classes of Fluid in CMS and Flow both, creating a Flow flavour of VHS (with some obvious limitations such as the lack of menu and content rendering ViewHelpers) will be a much easier task. We are currently letting this plan simmer - if you wish to participate in these efforts, please get in contact with us!


The FluidTYPO3 Team