27/11 2011
Version 1.4.2 released

A quick word about the new changes and features.

Greetings everyone!

Today, version 1.4.2 of FED has been released. It adds a few important features and removes some old and duplicated code pieces - and enhances the Backend editing experience. I will explain these changes briefly:

Editing experience

A medium-sized cleanup has been done in the experience Backend editors have when using FED features. First, some labels have been renamed to be less developer-oriented and more user friendly. Secondly, the way FED plugins are used has been updated to be more standards compliant and compatible while requiring less TypoScript.

Content elements are now grouped in an entirely new element group. The change is backwards compatible except in the case of Fluid Template Display and DataSource Display plugins - these must be updated to work. The FlexForm configuration is preserved - you only need to change the type of the inserted content elements.

Scheduler Support

With Extbase 1.4 we get the option of creating CLI-executable controller actions - Command Controllers. While these are extremely handy to have they are cumbersome to schedule, requiring a specific cron task for each controller action.

FED 1.4.2 contains a general purpose implementation of a Scheduler Task which is capable of executing any Extbase Command Controller action. Arguments defined in the Command Controller action are also configurable through the Scheduler module.

This change has also been submitted as a feature suggestion to Extbase itself.

SEO friendliness

Dominc Garms has been kind enough to participate with a great set of SEO improvement features for controlling menu rendering, among other things. When using the Fluid Page feature or any other type of Fluid page rendering you can implement these new features to gain even more control over linking and page rendering.

Content Sliding in Fluid Page Templates

Daniel Schöne has been kind enough to contribute a nice feature to the fed:page.renderContent ViewHelper - content sliding. When rendering your page content with this ViewHelper you can now request inheritance of content elements from parent pages with full control over the inheritance depth.

Important Bugfix

While there are many smaller bugfixes, one in particular is worth mentioning here. Fluid Content Elements which nest other content elements can now be copied, moved and sorted correctly and most importantly recursively, meaning that copying of Fluid Content Elements with other Fluid Content Elements inside is possible with no limitation in depth.

All in all version 1.4.2 is an important step on the way to a stable state for FED. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

PS: the fedexample extension has been updated to provide an example of how to use the Command Controller Scheduler support feature.