31/07 2012
Flux 4.7.1 and FED 4.7.2 released

Contains small fixes and a few behaviour corrections.

Dear developers,

Thank you for reporting bugs for Flux and FED! The most recent versions have had all these problems fixed - still, if you should discover bugs, please let me know directly or use the appropriate forge bugtracker (which are all listed under my profile there).

There is only one change you should be concerned about: a new extension configuration option has been added to Flux, in order to control compacting of single-sheet FlexForms to a ROOT-type form. When enabled, compacting occurs.

Note that the reason for this is that some parts of TYPO3 will parse a FlexForm that has sheets differently than one which does not, which can result in lost data. Decide whether or not to use this option based on two things: does your site contain current Flux elements and do any of these contain just a single sheet which you don't want to reconfigure, then don't enable the option. If you're OK with reconfiguring content elements (the old configuration will still work until you edit the content element) or you don't currently use Flux elements then by all means do enable the option :)