19/03 2013
Getting organised

Github organisation created to contain all Fluid-related sub-projects.

Dear developers

A new Github organisation called Fluid TYPO3 has been created - this is the new home of all the Fluid- and templating-related projects: flux, vhs, fluidpages, fluidcontent etc.

There will be more information about the purpose of the organisation itself, but in order to keep you all up-to-date about the technical impact of this change:

Repositories cloned from NamelessCoder/<repository>.git


If you have cloned your local repository directly from my master repository you will need to change the URL of the remote repository. Before: github.com/NamelessCoder/<repository>.git - After: github.com/FluidTYPO3/<repository>.git. Everything else remains the same, so nothing too drastic there.

Note that some repositories will continue to function using the original remote URL - this is when I personally clone repositories. Although you can continue to pull from those remotes you may not be receiving the very latest updates and may see temporary development branches.


Repositories forked to your Github account

Forked repositories have been automagically re-origin'ed - if you're using forks you do not have to do a single thing.

Repositories using NamelessCoder/<repository>.git as submodule

Submodule usage requires that you update the remote URL in the module list for each of the repositories now located under the new organisation. Commit pointers, branch names and so forth all remain the same.

New Pull Requests

Needless to say, new pull requests should request to merge code into FluidTYPO3/<repository> instead of the old NamelessCoder/<repository> location.

Current Pull Requests

...have all been moved along with the repository to which it belongs - the same is true for issues.

In general, all references on Github itself have automatically been corrected, but there are exceptions of course. In advance I apologise for the inconvenience (and I promise to tell you more about the Fluid TYPO3 organisation soon!).