25/11 2012
Fluid TYPO3 6.0 RC2

Want to try something new and cool?

Dear TYPO3 users,

I'll let most of this be a surprise. How to install:

* Download:


* Extract (archive contains a single folder which is a TYPO3 document root).
* Make a new VHOST in the web server (NB: preferreed if possible: use a FQDN - if necessary, add hosts entry for a fake FQDN).
* Edit "typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php" and set your database credentials.
* Import the "dump.sql" file from the document root into the database you configured.
* Browsing time.



Update: the package above has been updated to the latest 6.0 development version which has the Object Implementation Registry (thanks to Helmut Hummel) - which has allowed the Backend Layout to be defined in the template. As before, the sample page from EXT:fluidpages contains an example of using a Flux Grid to define a Backend Layout.