25/07 2012
It's been a while

A short status update on the Flux project.

Dear developers,

I'm still alive. And kicking.

Not much has happened on the FED and Flux projects these last few months. The two most important things that I would like to tell you all about are that Frank Gerards has accepted the role as co-leader on both the FED and Flux projects - and that Flux version 4.7.0 is in the oven.

First a big thank you and welcome to Frank as co-leader. It is my hope that having Frank's help will allow things to move a little quicker at times when I personally am too busy elsewhere. If you wish to participate in the project in any way, don't hesitate to let me know!

Second, Flux version 4.7.0 is moving closer. It is a non-breaking update that you can safely apply, but the internals have been completely redone. Speed has been improved by skipping expensive rendering steps - and the new approach allows new FlexForm fields to be more easily created.

The two changes that are most visible to you as a developer are:

Sections can be placed inside section objects with no limit to the possible depth. This means that you can have FlexForm section objects that can contain other FlexForm section objects, allowing more complex structures.

And the main attraction, a completely custom FlexForm field which is defined directly in the FlexForm - using Fluid is of course supported. This can be used to define a FlexForm field exactly the way you want it in every detail directly as HTML. Preloaded variables with the HTML form field name string and the value of the field (and other values too - more information will be included on release) are available.

This new, custom FlexForm field can in short be used to render any type of custom field your heart desires. You know what this means.

There is no hard set plan for when Flux 4.7.0 will be released - but only a few issues need to be taken care of, so expect it soon. And remember: although the version number jumps drastically the upgrade is not a breaking upgrade and should install with no problems at all. It will require a DB update so remember that if you decide to try the Git master before the TER release happens.

To recap: still alive, welcome Frank! and look out; Flux 4.7.0 is coming soon.

Code Monkey says cheers!