19/09 2014
Fluidcontent and Fluidpages released

New versions of both extensions are ready on TER.

More good news, everyone!

Fluidcontent and Fluidpages have both been updated, to versions 4.1.0 and 3.1.0 respectively. Although these are minor updates with few changes, some behaviours are different and require you to take an action after upgrading. These are:

Backend Layout integration

Before: when no "be_layout" record was selected, Fluidpages would trigger and provide the grid setup stored in the template file currently used by the page. Now: if you are on 6.1 there is no change. If you are on 6.2 you must now select the special "Fluidpages" backend layout in the "Appearance" tab - and make sure you also set it for sub-pages if you wish those to also use the grid stored in the template file.

TypoScript inclusion

There is a new option in Fluidpages which lets you toggle how the TypoScript PAGE object should be integrated. The default behaviour is to do as it was before - automatically including the TypoScript in every rendering. Now, you can toggle this behaviour off and instead have Fluidpages register a static TypoScript file that you must then include in all (root) TypoScript templates which should use Fluidpages for rendering pages.

And the Flux changes

Since both new versions depend on Flux 7.1 you should also read the previous release notes for Flux 7.1.

And workspaces

Brand new support for operating Fluidpages and Fluidcontent in unpublished workspaces has been added, but please consider this support somewhere around beta quality. The many, many integration points and special cases required by workspaces means we cannot guarantee perfect operation. The workspaces support is, however, leaps and bounds better than it was in the previous versions (which would break completely). But still: use workspaces with Fluidpages and Fluidcontent at your own peril - and please do report any bugs you may run into!

Kind regards,
The FluidTYPO3 team