10/12 2011
95 ViewHelpers added

DHTML field sets for f:form - supports token generation. Plus 90 ViewHelpers for interacting with the PageRenderer. In Git now, on TER very soon.

Two new groups of ViewHelpers have been added - DHTML form field groups and PageRenderer interaction. The DHTML form field group ViewHelper suite allows a group of fields to be repeated and and pre-render a number of fields with existing values. The ViewHelpers can be used to let the user choose how many groups should be rendered and then fill in the groups.

The PageRenderer suite consists of 90 (that's nine-zero) ViewHelpers, each covering a function of the PageRenderer. With this suite you can get and set page rendering related variables like title and various rendering configurations such as paths, add CSS and Javascript files to be compressed and minified into the main compressed resource file TYPO3 generates and append content to the <body> tag.

See a full list of PageRenderer ViewHelpers and a bit of documentation at 



On a side note, FED now contains exactly 254 ViewHelpers. Okay, some of them are aliases for other ViewHelpers. Some of these will be depracted and replaced by PageRenderer ViewHelpers which provide the same functionality.