10/02 2013
Discontinued extensions

Notice about end of support for three extensions: sysutils, google_auth and dropbox_sync - and a call to adopt two other extensions: notify and dialog.

Dear developers

Today marks the (previously unannounced) end of support and development - on my part - for three extensions:

  • Google OpenAuth v2 (key: google_auth)
  • Dropbox Sync (key: dropbox_sync)
  • System Utilities (key: sysutils)

What this means is that I will no longer maintain these extensions beyond their current states. They have all required little or no maintenance over the past year and I hope this makes it easier for you to potentially say yes to this question:

Are you the person who wants to take ownership of the TYPO3 TER key and Github repository for any, or all, of these extensions?

If you would like to take ownership you would of course be completely free to do with the extensions as you please - develop them further or just do minimal maintenance. You only have to worry about breaking changes to the extent you feel you should - but in all likelihood if you already use the extensions, you will appreciate keeping their API fairly stable. As such, they require almost no work (but in order to free my time for the "Fluid Powered TYPO3" suite of extensions, it's become necessary to discontinue them).

The three extensions in question would be perfectly fine running along without maintenance for, I expect, at least another year - so don't panic if you use them! I would however be very happy to see them evolve from their current states.

Up for adoption

Then there are two other extensions I would be happy to give away for adoption by anyone willing to continue the line of work:

  • Notify (key: notify)
  • Dialog (key: dialog)

These extensions are both beta state, have few reported feature requests and bugs - but also both have the potential to become important extensions.

Notify is intended as the goto solution for subscriptions and sending of notifications (of any type - SMS also prepared for but incomplete) when subscribed content (of any type: file, resource, db record or even a single field in a record) changes online.

Dialog is a highly flexible discussion component structured as Fluid Widgets with options to toggle display modes, visible sub-components and much more. Being Fluid Widgets, it is possible to use the same Widget that creates a full forum to create a simple commenting thread (which you can connect to a database record, a file name, an URL, a oerson's UID - whatever).

While I will not discontinue either of these extensions I would still be very happy to see them adopted: if you or your company may be interested in taking over either or both of these please get in touch with me. As with the other three extensions, your hands will be free to do as you please - I only hope that you will be considerate if and when you make breaking changes ;)

That's about it - main point: get in touch with me if you would like to be the owner of any of the five extensions. If you want to give them a nice home, you already meet my requirements.