22/04 2012
Version 1.4.14 released

Minor release - most notable change is the move of Fluid Content Element templates into a new extension, EXT:fluidcontent.

Dear developers and site admins,

Today FED 1.4.14 has been released. There are only minor changes apart from one fairly important move: The templates for all Fluid Content Elements have been moved to the new extension "fluidcontent". If you update to 1.4.14 and are currently using the Fluid Content Elements that are included with FED, you must install EXT:fluidcontent and include the static TypoScript it provides. If you do not use the built-in content elements you do not need to install EXT:fluidcontent.

In addition to the familiar Fluid Content Elements a new set has been added, providing quick content elements such as buttons, hero units, column dividers and page headers - for sites using Twitter Bootstrap based designs.

In the future more content elements will be added to this extension. If you have a set of elements you would like to donate, I would be happy to accept them :)