19/05 2013
Fluid Backend

New kid in the family: EXT:fluidbackend - enables the use of Flux forms as entire backend modules with an "Outlet" concept that allows defining data saving locations in a very flexible way.

Greetings from the Fluid Powered R&D Lab!

Yesterday a new extension was published (on Github) - one that has been in the works for about a week, but has been planned for a very long time: Fluid Backend (extension key "fluidbackend"). Recent developments in EXT:flux has made this not only possible but also quite simple to do.

In all its simplicity it's simply a way to use Flux forms as complete backend modules in TYPO3 6.0+; in this way it works much like EXT:fluidpages and EXT:fluidcontent (icons supported, modules detected from templatePath etc).

But it doesn't just enable you to render a Flux form as a backend module and store the configuration as a special configuration record - it also has built-in features to save the resulting array as TypoScript template records, as JSON files, using a custom controller and more. Multiple target outlets can be defined in every form and can even be manipulated by for example using checkboxes in the form to toggle individual outlets. There are plenty pre/post processing methods for you to implement and gain absolute control over the data without creating huge and complex setups just to export data in a specific way.

Of course the whole "Outlet" concept can be extended - by simply creating new ViewHelpers (native to your own extension) or contributing new Outlet types to the main repository.

There will be a series of blog posts coming up which will illustrate a few tips and tricks for this new extension - until then, you can find the extension as well as a comprehensive README on the Github repository page: 



Feature requests for new Outlet types are also welcome - simply use the Github issue tracker on the link above to make any suggestions you like.

Cheers, and enjoy,