13/08 2012
FED 4.7.4 released

Great improvements to Menu and BreadCrumb ViewHelpers - and a couple handfuls of bugfixes.

Dear Developers,

FED 4.7.4 has been released. With it comes great improvements to both the Page and BreadCrumb ViewHelpers, unifying both ViewHelpers' behaviors into a shared set of arguments that affect rendering in exactly the same way regardless of which ViewHelper is being used. In addition a few arguments have been added - such as linkCurrent, showCurrent and levels (renders active submenus recursively to a custom depth). The latter of course only applies to automatically rendered menus; manually rendered menus must still use Fluid sections or partials rendered recursively to achive this effect. Also, both these ViewHelpers now respect access settings as configured in page properties - and can be forced to display hidden-in-menu pages for those custom navigation cases.

Useful to designers it is now possible to set classFirst and classLast for BreadCrumb menus as well.

A new extension configuration has been added which can disable all automatic TypoScript inclusions done by FED - for expert minimalist setups you can enable this and manually add just the TypoScript you want, for example in a single template (which will perform much better than first including then unsetting various TypoScript locations).

Important: if your site uses AJAX features from FED you must include the "Framework Bridge" static TypoScript after updating. This is done in order to limit the configured page types to only what is needed by each site.

Other than this there are only bugfixes made. You can find a complete list at Gerrit.