03/10 2014
VHS 2.1 released

Minor update with a single addition.

Good morning everyone!

VHS 2.1.1 has been released - minutes after 2.1.0 a hotfix was needed for the people including VHS via composer so there is only metadata changed between the two. This version includes a few bug fixes related to URL building on certain platforms and security ViewHelpers displaying warnings when used in a backend context. And there is one new addition: the Tag ViewHelper which was previously part of FluidcontentCore is now ported to VHS. You can use this ViewHelper to generate dynamic HTML tag names without breaking XHTML validation - and a few other modifications such as automatically removing attributes which are empty after the value is trimmed (which for example allows you to write a class="{var} {var2} {var3}" and have the property completely ignored if all three values are empty).

There is no migration required for this version from 2.0!

Kind regards,
The FluidTYPO3 Team