04/11 2012
Extbase Realurl

The Extbase Realurl features have been moved to a standalone extension not requiring FED or Flux. And released to TER.

Dear developers,

As the introduction states, the Realurl features I had been working on for FED have now been moved to a standalone extension that can be installed without any additional dependencies. The extension is called "Extbase Realurl" (EXT:extbase_realurl) and will be available shortly.

Previous versions required patching of Realurl to work; this has been resolved temporarily by XCLASS'ing tx_realurl. I know, not the prettiest of solutions - but it works and will continue to work until the patch I submitted for Realurl gets merged and becomes mainstream. The XCLASS'ing should be compatible with even quite old versions of Realurl - but, as always, you should upgrade to the latest version just the same.

A short documentation can be found at 



Hope you enjoy,