26/12 2011
Good news everyone!

1.4.8 has been released - with great improvements in key areas.

This new version improves the integration with TYPO3's Scheduler and the "gridelements" extension to make the user experience a whole lot better. We now have drag and drop support for content elements nested in Fluid Content Elements and full compatibility with the Grid Elements content types.

Combined with the Fluid Page Template feature, the Fluid Content Elements feature and the Backend Layout TYPO3 feature we can now use Grid Elements to get a setup with all the features of TemplaVoila but based entirely on Fluid and TYPO3 standards.

The Scheduler integration improvements make the feature much more user friendly, displaying the arguments that are selected for the Task while viewing the Task list and displaying the description of each argument while editing the Task. Also converts boolean arguments to checkboxes to ease the Task setup process. The sysutils extension makes heavy use of these new features.

A new Dynamic FlexForm field type - the Tree FlexForm field - has been added. It renders a tree based record selection widget in the configuration (and is a subclass of the "group" type). The Select, Group and Tree fields have been provided with a "suggest" argument (boolean) which when enabled places a quick-search box next to the field component. The "suggest" feature requires TYPO3 4.6.3 to work properly.

A note for SOLR users: A new plugin has been provided to allow the new and improved SOLR AJAX Widget to be used as a content element. Simply enable the SOLR features in the extension configuration and the content element is added to the list.