07/11 2012
Flux 4.7.9 released

If you are thinking you missed a few versions - that's because you probably did. And it's in no way a bad thing.

Dear developers,

Some of you have been experiencing problems on newer versions of Flux. This has unfortunately left a few versions of Flux broken in some areas. It took a while to track down the cause - actually, causes; two almost identical flaws in the TYPO3 core of which I only spotted the first one the first time around. The problem was an extremely simple one (an argument not being passed) but the impact on Flux was huge: it affected how every type of ConfigurationProvider was resolved and did so in three different areas of the Flux code. Different behaviors on different versions made this even harder to pin down.

I submitted a core patch a while back and this was merged in the latest 4.x branches - but this had some unpredicted results because only one instance was corrected.

Version 4.7.6 attempted to solve this unpredictable behavior, but it left some implementation methods faulty.

Version 4.7.7 attempted to fix those methods, but it left content element previews inoperable.

Version 4.7.8 fixed these issues, but it a mistake had snuck in where versions were compared - so 4.7.9 was necessary.

The result is that now, the version discrepancies and problems using the different Flux implementation methods are (knock on wood) fixed. The code has also been prepared for when the TYPO3 core issue (the second instance) is corrected.

I apologize for the inconvenience and multiple updates these last few weeks - I hope it hasn't caused too much trouble.