3.3.1 Selecting Page Templates

In order to use a page template it is necessary to configure the topmost page of your domain page tree:

  1. If you are using TYPO3 6.2 you must select the special "Fluidpages" backend layout (pages.backend_layout) in the "Appearance" tab of the page properties. Make sure you also set it for subpages (pages.backend_layout_next_level).

  2. Select a fluidpages page template both for "this page" and "subpages of this page" under the "Page Layout" tab. An error will be displayed in the frontend until a template is selected, but you can freely use the backend and edit pages to select which template they use.

Selecting page templates

Each entry is represented by a screenshot or an icon (defined in the template) and an LLL label which, until you fill it out inside the LLL file your extension uses, will be shown as the raw LLL refererence value (shown in screenshot). As soon as a proper label exists at that path it is rendered instead.

On the topmost page you should select a page template both for "this page" and "subpages of this page". On every page inside this page tree branch you can then either select a template to use on each page or at any point in the page tree, override which template subpages will use.

If a template uses Flux fields to present form fields, the values of these fields are inherited to subpages as long as the same template is used by each page in the root line. The following chapters about template and variable inheritance demonstrates how this inheritance works in the wild.

Special page types

If your site contains special page types (doktype not typeNum) you must add these special page type numbers to the extension configuration of Fluidpages - when added to this configuration, your page types allow selecting page templates when editing the page (including inheritance from other page types).

Configuring additional doktype values which support page templates

You can leverage this configuration to add page selection fields to system folders even though system folders can never be rendered. Among other things this can let you use a newsletter page template on page records inside a certain sysfolder.

TypoScript availability

It is important to note here that the page templates which can be selected, are all configured by TypoScript which means you can change which templates can be selected, at any point in your page tree. You can use this to create sets of page templates which can only be used on some select subpages - for example specially branded campaign pages for a subsection of your site, without making those same templates available outside the campaign branch of pages.

The same applies when unsetting TypoScript (by "clearing" the value with the > operator) - you can remove sets of page templates by unsetting the TypoScript which added them.

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