5.1 Online automated tools

A compiled list of services which you can use - resources for documentation, download locations, code generation services and such.


  1. This documentation's repository on Github. You can submit issues or request for changes to this documentation through the official repository.
  2. Official web site contains blog/news, references and information about the project and team behind it.
  3. Support chat is an IRC plugin which lets you speak to us - when we are around.
  4. IRC channel #fedext which you can access with any IRC client. It's the same channel you enter when you use the Support Chat.
  5. Continuous integration using Travis displays the current build status for all of our extensions. Here, you can investigate the logs in all glorious detail. Simply replace the last url segment with the extension key you wish to inspect.
  6. ViewHelper Schema XSD files can be downloaded and used in your editor, for example as explained for PHPstorm on buzz.typo3.org, to get autocompletion for all ViewHelpers in Fluid itself, and all Fluid Powered TYPO3 extensions.


There are a few services that you can use to get automatically generated packages for Fluid Powered TYPO3:

Provider Extension Generator

You can get a skeleton Provider Extension which uses the most current build function from EXT:builder to generate on-the-fly a Provider Extension with your desired extension key.

Bootstrap Package

A complete TYPO3 site based on the "introduction" package from TYPO3 but using Twitter Bootstrap for page and content templates. This package is built once in a while to contain the latest features for demonstration purposes.

You can download the most recent version at any time using these links:

The package archive is around 55MB in size and contains instructions for its installation.

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