4.1.3 Differences from standard Controllers

FluidTYPO3 File contexts, Controllers

There is not much difference between a standard Extbase plugin "Action Controller" and a Flux-enabled controller. The hint lies in the name "-enabled" which means a Flux-enabled controller is simply an extended controller with a few added behaviors:

  • A Provider is resolved by Flux and made available in the controller.
  • The View class is different; allowing (ViewHelperVariableContainer-)variables to be read from specific sections.
  • Several initialisation methods have been added, allowing for example common template variables to be added.
  • Delegation to other controller classes is possible.
  • It is not needed to define a plugin which is allowed to execute each controller action - all *****Action methods can be called.

Other than these additions this type of controller class is a standard controller: it supports arguments, property mapping, validation, errorAction, redirection etc. just like all other controller types.

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