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Wrong value in flux relation field after requestUpdate fired

I've the following code in my configuration part of a FCE

<flux:field.relation name=""
    condition="AND company={}"

The idea is to show only departments which are part of the already selected company. If a save the record it works as expected. If I change the the requestUpdate is fired and the frame is reloaded - but the value in is the value from before the change.

Overview of all fluidcontent FCEs

For complex TYPO3 project using fluidcontent I'm looking for a tool, which show me the followering informations:

  1. which FCE exists
  2. how often and on what pages are they in use
  3. which partials are used
  4. which flux form fields are used (with name and type)
  5. diposit some meta informations, e.g. tags, description ...

How would be the smartest way to implement this library in a typo3 project?

My idea is, to develop an extension which read the fluidcontent templates and show the informations in a frontend plugin with examples. But i have no idea to read out the information like "used partials" or "used flux form fields".

Any ideas?


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2016-03-01  tpinne

FluidPages/Flux configuration not inherited to child pages

I've the following page template:

<div xmlns="" lang="en"

    <f:layout name="Page"/>

    <f:section name="Configuration">
        <flux:form id="standard">
            <flux:field.input name="settings.claim1" />
            <flux:field.input name="settings.claim2" />
            <flux:field.inline.fal name="settings.stageImage" maxItems="1" minItems="0" />
            <!-- Edit this grid to change the "backend layout" structure -->
                <flux:grid.column colPos="0" name="main"/>

    <f:section name="Main">
        <div class="page-wrapper">
            <f:render partial="Header" section="Content"/>
            <f:render partial="Stage" section="Content" arguments="{_all}" />
            <f:render partial="Breadcrumb" section="Content"/>
            <v:content.render column="0"/>

It's the only one I have and only selected on my root page. All other pages inherit that template .

What do I have to do that the values of the configuration are inherited to child pages? I already tried inherit="true" for the fields as suggested in the ViewHelper reference, but I don't know what to do with the information "if inheritance is enabled by the ConfigurationProvider".

I'm using T3 7.6 and latest TER versions of Flux, Fluidpages etc.

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2016-01-18  Björn

fluidpages / flux inheritance performance

When using fluidpages, fluidcontent and flux in TYPO3 6.2 the time to load a page in list mode takes more than a minute in our environment, which was not the case with TYPO3 4.7.

After looking into the code I have the feeling that it is connected to the field or attribute inheritance of the flexform configuration inside the templates.

Attached is a profiling result. 76000 calls for PageProvider->getForm() is a lot.

According to the docs there is a way to disable inheritance for single fields by stopInheritance="TRUE".

But is there also a way to disable it in general, so that I don't have to add it to every field manually?

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2015-06-03  Jürgen Reinhold

FluidTYPO3: How do I render content from other extensions (news...)?

Actually I found the answer already on this site Preferred way to add an extensions into Fluid Powered TYPO3 template but I don't get it to work :-(

I have a page template with main content and in the sidebar content from FlexSlider extension and at the bottom I want to render the list view of extension news. So I guess answer 1a from Claus will fit:

1a) create the element in a sys folder and reference it from your Flux form settings then use v:content.render to render it by UID.

but how is that done? How do I reference it from my Flux form? Has somebody an example code. I couldn't find a tutorial or a documentation...

Thanks for reading and hopefully you have an answer ;-)