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Martin Keck: The king is dead, long live...?


3/2 2014

Martin, in a series of three articles, goes through the various extensions which currently exist that allow you to replace some or all of the features of TemplaVoila. He starts off with Fluid Powered TYPO3:

[Flux is] bringing Fluid based Flexforms to the TYPO3 backend. On top of it you can set fluidpages, a page templating engine, which even integrates with TYPO3's default Backend Layouts concept, and/or fluidcontent, a content rendering engine, which renders Fluid templates as content elements and also allows nesting of content elements. Et voilĂ : all the flexibility, what made TemplaVoilĂ  so great, is at your finger tips again!

Read this, and the following two articles, over at Martin's site - in the article series <link three-lines-of-code.com/the-king-is-dead-long-live-templavoila-and-its-epigones-part-1-fluidtypo3/>The king is dead, long live...?</link>

Joschi Kuphal: Dating Fluid Powered TYPO3

15/1 2014

Joschi writes a nice and fairly in-depth article about his experiences creating a personal web site using Fluid Powered TYPO3 - coming from a long tradition of TemplaVoila.

As a whole, I really enjoyed using FluidTYPO3 for the first time. It is definitely an adequate substitute (and more) for TemplaVoila!, and I?ll make sure that we?re going to use it for an increasing number of client projects in the future. Yet I wish that someone more experienced wrote some really good tutorials about it, and also the data keeping strategy should be rethought one day. In any case, I absolutely recommend having a look at it ? FluidTYPO3 is well worth the try!

Read the entire article over at Joschi's site, in the article <link jkphl.is/articles/dating-fluid-powered-typo3/>Dating Fluid Powered TYPO3</link>. Oh, and by the way, we are very happy to report that we did exactly that: rethink the storage strategy and write proper tutorials (an entire manual, actually).

TYPO3 THEMES powered by Gridelements and Fluidcontent

10/10 2013

Jo Hassenau and Kay Strobach wrote a brief about the THEMES concept for TYPO3. THEMES, as you may or may not know already, is intended to aggregate and standardise different templating approaches. And we here at the Fluid Powered TYPO3 team are extremely happy to say that the structure chosen for a THEMES package is pretty much identical to a Fluid Powered TYPO3 package. Indeed, more recent developments around THEMES and Gridelements mean that in particular, Flux will get a more prominent role.

Gridelements already offer the file based approach needed by THEMES, so they will be the first choice for structured container elements. Fluidcontent provides the flexibility people have loved TemplaVoila for, and by using Fluid based templates it already connects THEMES to the latest member of the TYPO3 family, NEOS.

It is our hope that at some point, Gridelements might simply render Fluidcontent templates out of the box (and contain an extremely simple import routine for your existing content elements).

Read the TYPO3 main news item about this - over at <link typo3.org/news/article/themes-powered-by-gridelements-and-fluidcontent/>TYPO3 THEMES powered by Gridelements and Fluidcontent</link>.

Podcast: The basics of Fluid Powered TYPO3

11/5 2013

Sebastian Michaelsen was kind enough to invite Claus over for a talk about "what's that whole Fluid Powered TYPO3 thing?" and they ended up covering almost all the bases right from describing what Fluid is and does, to how you can use the Fluid Powered TYPO3 extensions to your benefit.

Oh wow - I should have known that earlier! [...] I will definitely dig deeper and continue using your extensions, because you have convinced me.

Listen to the full podcast - it's 26 minutes - over at <link t3bits.de/t3b002-fluid-powered-typo3>t3bits' podcast about Fluid Powered TYPO3</link>.