2.1 Installing from TER

(TER: the TYPO3 Extension Repository)

Installing Fluid Powered TYPO3 from TER is a simple point-and-click operation:

  1. In Extension Manager, select "Get extensions" from the dropdown and make sure you have a recent copy (last updated date is on the right hand side).
  2. Search for any of the extensions, for example fluidcontent and install the main result.
  3. Any dependencies automatically get installed.

Any Provider Extensions available through TER (and which have their dependencies properly set) will also install all dependencies automatically. For example, installing this site's Provider Extension (EXT:fluidtypo3org) will immediately also install flux, vhs, fluidpages and fluidcontent.

And that's it. Extension Manager will warn if your TYPO3 or PHP version is too low or if an installed extension conflicts with Fluid Powered TYPO3.

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