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SQL to rename a TYPO3 Provider Extension

Content, Pages, Provider

FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent, FluidTYPO3.Fluidpages

If you are in the need for a one liner to migrate all EXT:fluidpages based page layouts and EXT:fluidcontent based fluid content elements because the provider extension has got a new name (for whatever reason) use these SQL commands

TypoScript based Flux settings for plugins



This snippets shows you A how to define flux settings via TypoScript for your frontend plugin and B how to use the controllerAction ViewHelper in such a scenario.

Subclassing Flux Form to create new Form types

Forms, Provider


Example of how to create a simple subclass of \FluidTYPO3\Flux\Form and utilise the initializeObject method to create new fields upon Form instance creation. Also includes an example on how to use a Provider to return different Form instances based on arbitrary values.