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Migration, flux:field.file to inline FAL

Content, Pages, Forms


Upgrade wizard class to convert instances of flux:field.file which is now deprecated on TYPO3 9.5 and removed on TYPO3 10.4, to instances of inline FAL relations.

FAL Image placeholder until first saving with display conditions


FluidTYPO3.Flux, FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent

Hides FAL forms until first saving and displays a message.

Side navigation menu


FluidTYPO3.Flux, FluidTYPO3.Vhs, FluidTYPO3.FluidcontentCore

Let the Backenduser just put in a startpage for the navigation as a content element. For when reskinning sitemap is to cumbersome.

Chunked iteration of lists

Content, ViewHelpers


Wrap or group elements with less code than ever.

Google Maps with Flux/Fluidcontent

Content, ViewHelpers

FluidTYPO3.Flux, FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent, FluidTYPO3.Vhs

Implementation of Google Maps with one or more markers. When having multiple markers, the bounds are fit to them.

A marker can have a title (is shown as marker tooltipp and in info window), a text (is shown in info window), an icon (standard, chooseable or uploadable).

More configuration options are: Zoom level, map center, map type

Output current year in copyright line

Content, ViewHelpers


Output the current year in copyright line

SQL to rename a TYPO3 Provider Extension

Content, Pages, Provider

FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent, FluidTYPO3.Fluidpages

If you are in the need for a one liner to migrate all EXT:fluidpages based page layouts and EXT:fluidcontent based fluid content elements because the provider extension has got a new name (for whatever reason) use these SQL commands

Simple language switcher

Content, Pages, ViewHelpers


Useful if you have two languages in your typo3 project and want to switch between them.

1. Get current language id with v:page.language

2. Create link to same page and a GET Param e.g. "&L=1" for the other language

EXT:ke_search fluidcontent Indexer



This adds a new indexer configuration type to the ke_search extension.

With this configuration fluidcontent elements can be indexed.

Using allowedContentTypes for Fluidcontent


FluidTYPO3.Flux, FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent, FluidTYPO3.Fluidpages

This is an example to show how you could specify a fluidcontent element as only allowedContentType

Workaround content_fallback with VHS

Content, Pages

FluidTYPO3.Fluidpages, FluidTYPO3.Vhs

If you want to use `content_fallback` you will notice that `v:content.render` doesn't work here in older versions of VHS.


The gist shows a quick workaround how you can achieve this nevertheless.

HTML5 data attribute with JSON data


FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent, FluidTYPO3.Vhs

As the title says. Builds the html Object like: id="#s1043" data-test="{"myVarName":"1"}"


Here output was quoted but jquery read it without problems and it's validating.

Fluidcontent - Two columns FCE



Code for creating a FCE for displaying content in two flexible width columns.

Allow/deny Fluid Content FCE's in columns



This will help you to "allow" or "deny" a FluidContent FCE in a flux:grid.column.

The gist will only allow the FCE "HeaderSlideshow.html" in Header-Colum (colPos=1) and not in Content-Colum (colPos=0).

Reusable FlexForms / Use FlexForms from Partials

Content, Pages, Forms

FluidTYPO3.Flux, FluidTYPO3.Fluidpages

If you want to split long FlexForm definitions into multiple partials and use them in other templates, here is the way to go!

Gallery FCE as example how to use FAL images

Content, ViewHelpers

FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent, FluidTYPO3.Vhs

This Gallery FCE is a example how to use FAL images in Flux Content Elements.