SQL to rename a TYPO3 Provider Extension

If you are in the need for a one liner to migrate all EXT:fluidpages based page layouts and EXT:fluidcontent based fluid content elements because the provider extension has got a new name (for whatever reason) use these SQL commands

Description SQL migration for renaming a TYPO3 Provider Extension
Author wikipeter
Creation date 2015-08-11T11:17:39.000Z
  1. FluidTYPO3.Fluidcontent
  2. FluidTYPO3.Fluidpages
  1. Content
  2. Pages
  3. Provider
  1. rename_provider_extension_sql.md
EXT:fluidcontent related migration
UPDATE tt_content
SET tx_fed_fcefile = REPLACE(tx_fed_fcefile, '[old_value]', '[new_value]')
WHERE tx_fed_fcefile LIKE '%[old_value]%';
EXT:fluidpages related migration
UPDATE pages
SET tx_fed_page_controller_action = REPLACE(tx_fed_page_controller_action, '[old_value]', '[new_value]')
WHERE tx_fed_page_controller_action LIKE '%[old_value]%';

UPDATE pages
SET tx_fed_page_controller_action_sub = REPLACE(tx_fed_page_controller_action_sub, '[old_value]', '[new_value]')
WHERE tx_fed_page_controller_action_sub LIKE '%[old_value]%';