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Random / StringViewHelper

Random: String Generator

Use either minimumLength / maximumLength or just length.

Specify the characters which can be randomized using characters.

Has built-in insurance that first character of random string is an alphabetic character (allowing safe use as DOM id for example). /

  • Tag usage example

    <v:random.string length="123" minimumLength="123" mmaximumLength="123" characters="'0123456789abcdef'">
    	<!-- tag content - may be ignored! -->
  • Inline usage example

    {v:random.string(length: 123, minimumLength: 123, mmaximumLength: 123, characters: ''0123456789abcdef'')}


Argument Description Type

Characters to use in string


Length of string to generate


Minimum length of string if random length


Minimum length of string if random length

Required attribute

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