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Iterator / ColumnViewHelper

Iterator Column Extraction ViewHelper

Implementation of array_column for Fluid.

Accepts an input iterator/array and creates a new array using values from one column and optionally keys from another column.

Usage examples

xml <!-- Given input array of user data arrays with "name" and "uid" column: --> <f:for each="{users -> v:iterator.column(columnKey: 'name', indexKey: 'uid')}" as="username" key="uid"> User {username} has UID {uid}. </f:for>

The above demonstrates the logic of the ViewHelper, but the example itself of course gives the same result as just iterating the users variable itself and outputting {user.username} etc., but the real power of the ViewHelper comes when using it to feed other ViewHelpers with data sets:

xml <!-- Given same input array as above. Idea being that *any* iterator can be supported as input for "options". --> Select user: < options="{users -> v:iterator.column(columnKey: 'name', indexKey: 'uid')}" />

xml <!-- Given same input array as above. Idea being to output all user UIDs as CSV --> All UIDs: {users -> v:iterator.column(columnKey: 'uid') -> v:iterator.implode()}

xml <!-- Given same input array as above. Idea being to output all unique users' countries as a list: --> Our users live in the following countries: {users -> v:iterator.column(columnKey: 'countryName') -> v:iterator.unique() -> v:iterator.implode(glue: ' - ')}

Note that the ViewHelper also supports the "as" argument which allows you to not return the new array but instead assign it as a new template variable - like any other "as"-capable ViewHelper.


This ViewHelper passes the subject directly to array_column and as such it does not support dotted paths in either key argument to extract sub-properties. That means it does not support Extbase enties as input unless you explicitly implemented ArrayAccess on the model of the entity and even then support is limited to first level properties' values without dots in their names. /

  • Tag usage example

    <v:iterator.column subject="[mixed]" columnKey="NULL" indexKey="NULL" as="NULL">
    	<!-- tag content - may be ignored! -->
  • Inline usage example

    {v:iterator.column(subject: [mixed], columnKey: 'NULL', indexKey: 'NULL', as: 'NULL')}


Argument Description Type

Template variable name to assign; if not specified the ViewHelper returns the variable instead.


Name of the column whose values will become the value of the new array


Name of the column whose values will become the index of the new array


Input to work on - Array/Traversable/...

Required attribute

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