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XSD schema file | vhs 2.1.4

Link / TypolinkViewHelper


Renders a link with the TypoLink function. Can be used with the LinkWizard

For more info on the typolink function, please consult the offical core-documentation:


<!-- tag -->
<v:link.typolink configuration="{typoLinkConfiguration}" />
<v:link.typolink configuration="{object}">My LinkText</v:link.typolink>
<!-- with a {parameter} variable containing the PID -->
<v:link.typolink configuration="{parameter: parameter}" />
<!-- with a {} variable from the LinkWizard (incl. 'class', 'target' etc.) inside a flux form -->
<v:link.typolink configuration="{parameter:}" />
<!-- same with a {page} variable from fluidpages -->
<v:link.typolink configuration="{parameter: page.uid}" />
<!-- With extensive configuration -->
<v:link.typolink configuration="{parameter: page.uid, additionalParams: '&print=1', title: 'Follow the link'}">Click Me!</v:link.typolink>
  • Tag usage example

    <v:link.typolink configuration="{foo: 'bar'}">
    	<!-- tag content - may be ignored! -->
  • Inline usage example

    {v:link.typolink(configuration: {foo: 'bar'})}


Argument Description Type

The typoLink configuration

Required attribute

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