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L (localisation) ViewHelper

An extremely shortened and much more dev-friendly alternative to f:translate. Automatically outputs the name of the LLL reference if it is not found and the default value is not set, making it much easier to identify missing labels when translating.


<v:l key="some.label" />
<v:l arguments="{0: 'foo', 1: 'bar'}">some.label</v:l>
  • Tag usage example

    <v:l key="NULL" id="NULL" default="NULL" htmlEscape="1" arguments="{foo: 'bar'}" extensionName="NULL">
    	<!-- tag content - may be ignored! -->
  • Inline usage example

    {v:l(key: 'NULL', id: 'NULL', default: 'NULL', htmlEscape: 1, arguments: {foo: 'bar'}, extensionName: 'NULL')}


Argument Description Type

Arguments to be replaced in the resulting string


if the given locallang key could not be found, this value is used. If this argument is not set, child nodes will be used to render the default


UpperCamelCased extension key (for example BlogExample)


TRUE if the result should be htmlescaped. This won't have an effect for the default value


Translation Key compatible to TYPO3 Flow


Translation Key

Required attribute

Revision history

commit f5191275316b1e43fa2b7da671e510b68adda5e5
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Wed Feb 27 10:46:54 2013 +0100

    [FEATURE] Improved localisation/translation ViewHelper
    <v:l key="some.label" />
    <v:l arguments="{0: 'foo', 1: 'bar'}">some.label</v:l>

commit 2ec418346fff98e982406f494e77749ea00ddffe
Author: Björn Fromme <*****>
Date:   Wed Mar 20 15:49:24 2013 +0100

    [BUGFIX] Fix missing variable definition

commit 0a4ab46c2e2fc4cc2532561c43a45116617b69a0
Author: Björn Fromme <*****>
Date:   Wed Mar 20 19:55:40 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Add support for 4.5

commit da44aff22add9e91eeb9598669a54618ecbeaafc
Author: Björn Fromme <*****>
Date:   Thu Mar 28 13:41:21 2013 +0100

    [BUGFIX] Remove duplicate argument initialization

commit d6b338ffbcded7ef949e5b763adcf9b3eb72cb44
Author: Björn Fromme <*****>
Date:   Thu Mar 28 13:56:45 2013 +0100

    [FEATURE] Add 6.0 compatibility

commit 2f5a3333518daed745d3d067263fb85fb6499864
Author: Björn Fromme <*****>
Date:   Thu Mar 28 14:50:09 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Remove obsolete singleton implementation

commit da31bad1d9bb058c072ddb5591e8ed907a1ae8e1
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Tue Dec 31 23:08:37 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Happy new year!

commit 52bd6e41ccfef3d8193b350153912a9716e6a087
Author: Benjamin Rau <*****>
Date:   Tue Apr 1 21:09:00 2014 +0200

    [TASK] CGL compliance

commit da7677bc74f14e9a9300e4ba4487e52c3cb97642
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Sun Apr 20 01:13:33 2014 +0200

    [TASK] Switch to namespaces

commit 12ff0ddfb8d36c51f2d3befde7ae812177c80d5d
Author: Xaver Maierhofer <*****>
Date:   Wed Jun 11 00:01:47 2014 +0200

    [TASK] CGL remove use leading backslash
    PHP Docs
    Note that for namespaced names (fully qualified namespace names containing namespace separator, such as Foo\Bar as opposed to global names that do not, such as FooBar),
    the leading backslash is unnecessary and not recommended, as import names must be fully qualified, and are not processed relative to the current namespace.

commit 4981055359c895f3869e5bd878293b3c15ed26e5
Author: Xaver Maierhofer <*****>
Date:   Sun Jan 18 14:01:04 2015 +0100

    [TASK] CGL - Define classes, params, use imports

commit 8bb2fc5ee124ba19b0a0ab8e061c9a153fc4651f
Author: Xaver Maierhofer <*****>
Date:   Sun Jan 18 17:56:13 2015 +0100

    [TASK] Reference Copyright to file