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Iterator / ForViewHelper

Repeats rendering of children with a typical for loop: starting at index $from it will loop until the index has reached $to.


The v:iterator.for view helper acts like a normal for loop. You can define a starting number, end number, and the stepping number added on each iteration.

Suggested use

Say you have 6 images of cute cats, named cat1.jpg to cat6.jpg, and you want to display them:

<img src="cat1.jpg" alt="Cat">
<img src="cat2.jpg" alt="Cat">
<img src="cat3.jpg" alt="Cat">
<img src="cat4.jpg" alt="Cat">
<img src="cat5.jpg" alt="Cat">
<img src="cat6.jpg" alt="Cat">

That sure is a lot of typing. With the v:iterator.for view helper you can just do:

<v:iterator.for from="1" to="6" iteration="i">
    <img src="cat{i.index}.jpg" alt="Cat">

Thats nice. Notice the iteration argument. This provides you with a local template variable (in this case i) that you can use to access current information about your iteration.

Another example

Say you want to display all odd numbers up to 1000. That would be a lot of typing, but with this view helper you can just do:

<v:iterator.for from="1" to="1000" step="2" iteration="i">

This is where the step argument steps in (haha). It will increase (or decrease) your starting number until it reaches your end number by adding its value on each iteration.

Please be aware that a RuntimeException is thrown if your stepping number is illegal. That means you should not set it to 0 (obviously). If your end number is lower than your starting number, your stepping number must be negative.

  • Tag usage example

    <v:iterator.for iteration="NULL" to="123" from="123" step="123">
    	<!-- tag content - may be ignored! -->
  • Inline usage example

    {v:iterator.for(iteration: 'NULL', to: 123, from: 123, step: 123)}


Argument Description Type

Starting number for the index

The starting number of the for loop. This can also be higher than your end number, but then your stepping number must be negative.


Variable name to insert result into, suppresses output

Provides a local template variable with the current iteration information. The following elements are available:

indexThe current index of the loop
cycleThe current iteration of the loop (starting at 1)
isFirst``TRUE`` if the current iteration is the first
isLast``TRUE`` if the current iteration is the last
isOdd``TRUE`` if the current iteration is odd
isEven``TRUE`` if the current iteration is even

Stepping number that the index is increased by after each loop

The stepping number is added on each iteration to your current index. This can be negative if your starting number is higher than your end number. It can never be 0.


Number that the index needs to reach before stopping

The end number of the for loop. The loop continues until the end number is reached (inclusive). This can also be lower than your starting number, but then your stepping number must be negative.

Required attribute

Revision history

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Author: Danilo Bürger <*****>
Date:   Wed Oct 16 13:43:02 2013 +0200

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Author: Danilo Bürger <*****>
Date:   Fri Nov 1 01:07:12 2013 +0100

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