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Grid / RowViewHelper

Flexform Grid Row ViewHelper

Used inside <flux:grid> tags. Usually contains <flux:grid.column> tags.

See <flux:grid> for an example. /

  • Tag usage example

    <flux:grid.row name="'row'" label="NULL" variables="{foo: 'bar'}" extensionName="NULL">
    	<!-- tag content - may be ignored! -->
  • Inline usage example

    {flux:grid.row(name: ''row'', label: 'NULL', variables: {foo: 'bar'}, extensionName: 'NULL')}


Argument Description Type

If provided, enables overriding the extension context for this and all child nodes. The extension name is otherwise automatically detected from rendering context.


Optional label for this row - defaults to an LLL value (reported if it is missing)


Optional name of this row - defaults to "row"


Freestyle variables which become assigned to the resulting Component - can then be read from that Component outside this Fluid template and in other templates using the Form object from this template

Required attribute

Revision history

commit 3390bd05f546bccfc9ca5cb012d291f7bdd63512
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Mon Dec 2 23:26:43 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Rename ViewHelpers
    flux:flexform -> flux:form
    flux:flexform.field.* -> flux:field.*
    flux:flexform.field.wizard -> flux:wizard.*
    flux:flexform.* -> flux:form.*

commit 3878c943a6eb0924bb6db2e5ed8461580896431f
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Tue Dec 10 01:59:34 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Update copyright and author tags
    Assumes "Claus Due" as author whenever no author is specified.

commit 15a009ef1015adaec1e1e05380180ff00e0fbc06
Author: Danilo Bürger <*****>
Date:   Tue Dec 10 21:20:22 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Renamed flux field viewhelpers

commit b37dbbd83d210d12d1f0b2517b06818225ea3608
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Tue Dec 17 17:30:12 2013 +0100

    [FEATURE] Storage of custom variables on FormComponents
    This allows a "variables" property to be used on every Form component and ViewHelper. Setting an array of variables here, makes those variables available anywhere the Form object is available.
    Can, for example, be used to store custom rendering instructions for the Preview section as described in #411

commit 8bf2b5beb89c7d72a41230f152d9a5a3d308ba84
Author: Claus Due <*****>
Date:   Tue Dec 31 23:11:00 2013 +0100

    [TASK] Happy new year!

commit 21ceb6925873ad95de59db4141c3a732993b4bcf
Author: Cash2m <*****>
Date:   Mon May 12 16:05:33 2014 +0200

    [BUGFIX] Fix uniqid php-bug under windows
    uniqid() does sometimes return the same id if called consecutively fast enough