25/11 2015
LTS-compatible versions released

New versions of main FluidTYPO3 extensions have been released introducing LTS support.

Good news, everyone!

We've released new versions of all main extensions, each one compatible with TYPO3 LTS:

In addition we've also released new versions of our utility and beta extensions:

Which in other words means we've released new LTS-compatible versions of every active FluidTYPO3 package. Click the links above to read either change logs or commit history for the versions in question. Overall you should get a smoother experience with FluidTYPO3 on TYPO3 LTS than any previous TYPO3 versions. We hope you enjoy!

Code sprint and sponsors

In other news we are happy to have had the very first official FluidTYPO3 code sprint in the beginning of November to prepare the releases mentioned above - and would like to thank the agencies who sponsored the event:

In particular we thank Onedrop Solutions and CS2 AG for the tremendous support!

Seacrest out,
The FluidTYPO3 Team