Productive Templating

Fluid Powered TYPO3 is a set of TYPO3 extensions for making and using convention-over-configuration style CMS templates for the Fluid template language.

Features Documentation

Welcome to our site!

We are proud to welcome you to the new and improved Fluid Powered TYPO3 site. We have a brand new docs section with a templating manual and easy install instructions - which you can easily edit and submit. We now also have community archives and feeds including IRC logs.

Hope you enjoy!

Up next

We are working on a first official release of FluidcontentCore - or FCC for short - which is a complete replacement for the CSS Styled Content extension, this time 100% based on Fluid and supporting Flux form fields. If all goes well, this release will happen in July.

Future roadmap

Doc hunt

We are collecting and writing new documentation - and we need your help. If you have written explanations or tutorials about Fluid Powered TYPO3, please either contact us or submit your work with the "edit on Github" links in our new documentation.